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For Attention Disorders
Find New Unapproved Use
WSJ.com - Pressed to Do Well On Admissions Tests, Students Take Drugs

Monday, November 08, 2004

A very nice looking blog.

The owner of this blog has joined my fantasy basketball league.
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I had heard that the Communist Party was endorsing Kerry...

well, that's not quite true according to their website. I was hoping to tell you all what more proof do you need to not vote for Kerry if the Communist Party endorses him but...

Of course the jerkoffs (Communists) are heavily against Bush and capitalism.

Although, the Communist Party supporting Kerry would make most of you socialist Democrats very happy I am sure.

From their website...

1. The CPUSA is doing our utmost to help defeat Bush.
We're deeply concerned about the great dangers of a second Bush term, as is the majority of the country and world and every major progressive organization. On a wide range of key issues (Social security, healthcare, reproductive rights, overtime pay, minimum wage, and much more), there are real, substantial differences between Bush and Kerry.

2. The CPUSA does not endorse any candidate for President in the 2004 election.
We do not endorse the candidates of other political parties. We
have refrained from fielding our own candidate so as not to
distract from the main effort of defeating Bush and the
ultra-riight extremist agenda.

3. The CPUSA has it's own independent political platform for the 2004 elections.
Though our platform goes much further towards full social justice than
Kerry's, to win any of it requires defeating Bush. A movement
that can break the Republican stranglehold on government could
then win social progress on many fronts.

If you would like more information on the CPUSA, please contact cpusa@cpusa.org or call 212-989-4884. Thanks, and vote against Bush on November 2nd.

CPUSA Online - Setting the record straight: CPUSA position on 2004 elections
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Monday, November 01, 2004

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Day Before the Presidential Election

I'm worried. I can't imagine anyone voting for Kerry. I just don't get it and it makes my head want to explode.

I blogged this earlier this year - Thank you for being a great American.

With the Democratic Primaries under way, maybe it is time I started talking politics.

I will sometime will end my e-mail with - Thank you for being a great American, Marc

Well I sent that to a friend a couple of months back and she replied with -Why am I a great american? I didn't even vote yesterday, hate George W. Bush, and generally think the place is pretty messed up.

I replied with -You have a point there. Isn't America great for having freedom of speech, thought, expression and religion that allows socialists like yourself to live here? :-D

Not voting is inexcusable especially if you complain about the state of the city, state, or nation. :-D

Yeah, I hate GWB too for having moral character and bringing back respect to the office of the President, for bringing freedom to a 3rd world country that lived in fear of an evil dictator, for not backing down to terrorists, for giving us a tax cut and two relief checks that helped my family, for proposing the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and having it passed overwhelmingly, for continuing to reform welfare, etc., etc. :-D

The place is pretty messed up after 60+ years of immoral behavior and socialist plans and programs that aren't in the Constitution. Maybe with a Republican president and a majority Republican congress we can whip this country back into shape the way that Thomas Jefferson envisioned it.

I still like you even with your leftist, liberal views. :-D

Marc Bridie for President 2012!
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Go here and check out "The Ultimate John Kerry Ad", it's great.
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