Wednesday, March 30, 2005

BBC - Doctor Who

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Who Star Quits Abruptly

Christopher Eccleston has quit the title role of the BBC's new Doctor Who series after just one episode of the new series aired, the BBC reported. Eccleston, whose first appearance as the ninth Time Lord attracted around 10 million viewers in its premiere on March 26, feared being typecast, the network said.

Talks are taking place to replace him with Casanova star David Tennant.

The surprise news followed earlier reports that the BBC, buoyed by Doctor Who's huge audience, had ordered up a second season after just one episode had hit British airwaves. Russell T. Davies will again write the show, which is produced by BBC Wales.

Billie Piper, who plays Doctor Who's assistant, Rose, is expected to star again.

Eccleston's last appearance is expected to be in a Christmas special. He said that he is planning new projects and that he found filming the series gruelling, the BBC reported.
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Sunday, March 27, 2005
HMC: We're very pretty.

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Enterprise Finale Detailed

UPN released details of the upcoming back-to-back series-ending episodes of its canceled Star Trek: Enterprise, which will air in May.

The first episode, "Terra Prime," will air at 8 p.m. ET/PT on May 13. The episode reveals the first steps in the foundation of the Federation, when Capt. Archer (Scott Bakula) and the crew must stop Paxton (guest star Peter Weller), a well-armed, radical human isolationist leader, who is threatening to destroy Starfleet Command unless all aliens leave Earth immediately, UPN announced.

The second episode, "These Are the Voyages," will air at 9 p.m. the same night. It takes place six years in the future, when an emotional Capt. Archer and the crew return to Earth to face the decommissioning of the Enterprise and the signing of the Federation charter, ratifying the newly formed alliance of planets. As previously reported, Star Trek: The Next Generation cast members Jonathan Frakes (Riker) and Marina Sirtis (Troi) guest star. Sci Fi Wire -- The News Service of the Sci Fi Channel

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

10 easy ways to stash away thousands

Readers share their secret ploys to save cash throughout the year. These clever ideas make saving money easy and painless.

By Liz Pulliam Weston

Money guru Jean Chatzky knows her latest book, “Pay It Down: From Debt to Wealth on $10 a Day,” centers on a gimmick.

The thing is, gimmicks work -- at least when it comes to our often-irrational relationship with money.

Chatzky promises financial freedom for anyone who can scrounge up an extra tenner each day -- what you might spend on lunch, a car wash, a movie ticket. Someone who might feel hopeless at the prospect of paying off $8,000 in credit card debt can embrace this one-day-at-a-time approach, which makes debt repayment seem not only possible, but almost easy.

“It’s a hook, kind of like ‘no carbs’ is a hook,” says Chatzky, financial editor for NBC’s Today Show. “This is a problem we need to get our hands around. . . . (We need) some sort of mental game we can play with ourselves that will help us solve the problem.”

If we were entirely logical, of course, we wouldn’t need hooks or gimmicks or any of the little self-delusions that in reality can be so helpful in giving ourselves a financial cushion.

Since we’re not Mr. Spock, though, savings tricks can prove mighty helpful. Here are some of the things MSN Money readers say they do to get themselves to put aside a little extra:

Pad your accounts. If you use personal finance software, you can just enter a check to yourself for $300 -- or $500, or $1,000, or whatever you want your pad to be. The check needn’t actually exist or ever be cashed, but the software will treat it as an outstanding obligation and deduct it from your balance.

You can do something similar even if you still balance your checkbook by hand.

“What I have done is to add $300 to my checking account, but not include it into the balance,” wrote Gregory Hannon, a utilities administrator for the city of Longview, Wash. “Basically, the money is hidden. . . . This is my way of making sure that should it happen that I write a check without the funds (according to the checking account balance), then I know I am covered.”

Cull your bills. Here’s a twist on the classic savings tip of dumping your change in a jar: set aside certain denominations, such as fives or tens, whenever they make their way into your wallet.

Kirstiepie99 wrote on the Your Money message board that she and her husband decided to put any of the new, colorful $20 bills they received into a jar beside their bed.

“A new $20 bill can slip into your hands at any time, so it's like Russian roulette every time you go to the ATM,” she wrote. “We did it for about seven or eight months, and it funded a trip to Latvia for a month (except for the airfare). It makes saving fun!”

Institute a family tax. Dawnna76’s family has a Garfield piggy bank into which each family member deposits $1 a day. The bank can be raided for the occasional movie or latte, but mostly the money funds their Christmas shopping.

“We have around $1,000 each year in there and we only pay cash for Christmas presents,” Dawnna76 wrote. “The nice thing is we usually never spend (all) the money on presents and what’s left, we take a trip with.”

Save your reimbursements. Employers can take weeks or months to pay you back for the expenses you incurred traveling or entertaining clients. By then, you may have already paid the bill. Instead of cashing the check, consider saving it instead.

Kirstiepie99 says she’s saved $400 so far by depositing expense reimbursement checks from her job into a separate savings account.

Realize your rebates. Several posters recommended saving the money you get from rebates, shopping sales or using coupons and club cards at grocery stores.

Grocery stores tend to make this easy; they often print on the receipt exactly how much you saved. You can transfer that exact amount to a savings account or, if you still write checks, you can make one out for the amount of the savings and deposit that -- or simply round up.

“If the items ring up to the tune of $33.45 for example, I write a check for $35,” wrote summerbreeze 98387. “When I get home, the change goes into the kitty (dollars and change both).”

Round it up -- or down. Another popular ploy, for those who balance their checkbooks by hand, is adding or subtracting a few bucks from each transaction.

MadWomanM says she never records the full amount of her deposit to her checking account and adds a dollar or five to any checks she writes.

“If I put in $105.38, I just write in $100,” she wrote, “and I always subtract to the nearest dollar or sometimes, up to five dollars. I end up (with) a surplus almost every payday, which is handy.”

Fee yourself. WryWit uses a slightly different method that also could work for folks who use personal finance software.

“I started imposing fees on myself,” WryWit wrote. “In my checkbook register, there is a little column for fees. I use a check mark for $10 and a dash for $1. So for every $100 deposited I'll short $10, and every outgoing transaction I add a dollar. When the page is full I add them up and keep a running total at the bottom of the page. This makes it easy to reconcile the balance at any time, and when it gets up to a certain point, I transfer it into savings.”

Saving raises. Some posters save all or part of every raise they get. Sweetnepenthe has lived on the same amount of take-home pay for the past eight years, dedicating every raise to increased retirement contributions and, when those are maxed out, to savings.

ImproperFraction saves half of each raise, noting that it doesn’t feel like deprivation.

“Inflation is a gradual erosion of my dollar's buying power that I endure and make spending adjustments for throughout the year,” the poster wrote. “But my pay raises don’t creep up; rather they are sudden events. . . . So I'll save half of this sudden jump in income and add the rest to my spending funds.

“This has worked quite well for me throughout my working years; I am now in the position where the amount of money I save exceeds the amount of money I spend.”

Divide and conquer your paycheck. Other posters save an amount equal to an hour’s pay each day, or each week if they’re just getting started.

“I have an automated transaction to pull $26.18 out of my account every week,” wrote MusketeersPlus2, a union worker whose raises are known in advance. “I've even already set it up to change to $27.10" when his next pay hike kicks in.

Pay yourself last. The usual (and excellent) money tip is to pay yourself first by making sure a certain amount of your paycheck is deposited into savings or investment accounts. But Carolina Girl also pays herself last.

“I keep a pretty close check on monthly expenses,” she posted. “If we have extra money due to less expenses (received a raise or bonus, gas bill goes down in the summer, less entertainment due to busy schedules, etc.), the extra is transferred to a savings account. I don't change my spending just because there's extra money.”
MSN Money - 10 easy ways to stash away thousands

Tru Calling Returns

Fox will bring back the remaining six new episodes of its canceled supernatural series Tru Calling with a two-hour episode on March 31, after which it will air in the 9 p.m. ET/PT Thursday timeslot of the soon-to-be pulled Point Pleasant, the Zap2it Web site reported. Tru Calling was pre-empted earlier this year to make way for North Shore and then Point Pleasant, both of which fared poorly enough in the ratings to warrant being pulled from Fox's schedule. It's unclear whether Point Pleasant will return after that.

The remaining new episodes of Tru Calling will feature star Eliza Dushku as Tru Davies, who can relive a 24-hour period when called upon to save a recently deceased person.
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American Idol 4 - Incorrect voting numbers were displayed

Due to an error with the graphics shown on-screen (incorrect voting numbers were displayed) during the performance recap at the end of last night’s AMERICAN IDOL, a live, one-hour show will air tonight, Wednesday, March 23 9/8c on FOX, to enable a re-vote. This new show will combine new live elements with encores of Tuesday’s performances from the remaining 11 contestants.
Phone lines will open at the conclusion of tonight's show and will remain open for two hours to give viewers the chance to vote for their favorite contestants and keep them in the competition. Only the voting results from tonight’s show will determine who received the lowest number of votes and will be sent home this week. Tune in to see who America has chosen to stay and who is sent home on the live results show tomorrow, Thursday, March 24 9/8c live on FOX.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Michael Loeck - Character Animator
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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

American Idol 4 - And then there were 11

Lindsey Cardinale is gone, I thought so.

American Idol 4 - And then there were 12

I thought last night's show was good, I liked everyone. I even thought Constantine sang well and I have never liked him. I disagreed with the judges last night most of the time.

I never liked the song that Bo sang but I thought he did a great job. I think Anthony, Anwar and Scott sounded very good. Nikko did OK.

I think Lindsey's days are numbered. Jessica did OK and Mikalah looked great. I thought Nadia, Vonzell and Carrie did really well.

I don't have any strong favorites at this time. If I had to choose, it would be Carrie Underwood, Vonzell Solomon, Bo Bice and Anwar Robinson.

It'll be interesting to see who leaves tonight. I hope it is Constantine but it won't be.

Oh, the local radio station in town, Mix 96.5, said this morning that Constantine had visited the station before and that he was a jerk.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Damn Good Download: Celestia
G4 - Videos

American Idol 4 - Constantine Maroulis SUCKS

What are you females thinking with? Constantine CANNOT sing.

Nikko Smith should have been in the top 12. He did a great job with "Georgia On My Mind" and "Let's Get It On".

I liked Travis Tucker but I think ANTHONY FEDOROV, ANWAR ROBINSON, BO BICE, MARIO VAZQUEZ and SCOTT SAVOL were better.


G4 - Feature - Lego Star Wars Movie: The Phantom Menace

"We’re huge fans of Star Wars here on Cinematech, so when we received Lego Star Wars from Eidos we were very excited. The game follows the plots of the first three episodes so perfectly, that we knew there was only one thing that we could do to compliment its greatness: recreate the Star Wars prequels with Legos! Episode I, Lego Star Wars - The Phantom Menace, ran last month and many people seemed to enjoy it. We just finished Episode II and think you are gonna love it!"
G4 - Feature - Lego Star Wars Movie: The Phantom Menace

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Fans fight to save Star Trek: Enterprise

Fans fight to save Star Trek: Enterprise
Show has been canceled, but effort continues

Columbia News Service

Anita Balestino, 50, is fighting to save her favorite television show. She's been working four to five hours a day since January to try to make sure the cast and crew of Star Trek: Enterprise can continue their weekly space adventures.

She, her husband and now-grown children gather Friday nights at 8 p.m. in their Columbia, Md., home to watch the adventures of the crew they've come to love over the past four seasons.

Though Star Trek: Enterprise, the latest series in the 39-year-old space saga, was officially canceled by UPN and Paramount Network Television in early February, thousands of the show's loyal viewers have joined forces to protest what they see as its early termination.

Fans say the show presents a uniquely positive view of humanity and its potential.

"It has historically promoted tolerance and acceptance, and its stories comment on the human condition by translating that to other cultures, alien cultures," said Balestino, a medical technologist.

Fans from the United States to the United Kingdom to Malaysia lit up message boards, voicing their dismay over the end of a show. Many wanted to see the show come full circle: Enterprise is a prequel to the original series, and was intended to end where the first Star Trek began.

With its cancellation, efforts shifted from trying to raise ratings to trying to get the show picked up by another network. Rallies were held in Washington, Los Angeles, New York, London and Tel Aviv in early February, and by the end of the month fans had already donated $48,000 to, where Tim Brazeal, the campaign leader and also the founder of, hopes fans can raise enough to pay for a fifth season.

Not counting the original show, which ran for three seasons, each of the show's other spinoffs — Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager — ran for seven seasons.

None of the spinoffs drew Balestino in like the original, until Star Trek: Enterprise.

The show has been in jeopardy before. Marsha Robertson, 46, who acts as a liaison between and, said the show was almost canceled at the end of its second and third seasons. She joined in the effort to save it because she thinks it's worthwhile.

"It's still something all ages can enjoy and can discuss," she said. "There aren't very many shows on evening television my friends can watch with their kids."

And being a Star Trek fan means more than watching the show, she said. Regardless of what happens with the program, she'll still have the friends she's met through it, she said. A passion for Star Trek often serves as a social outlet, connecting Trekkies first through their common interest.

Mark Williams, 38, from Anderson, Ind., says he's met "some of the nicest people" traveling in Star Trek circles. As a child, Williams watched Star Trek after Saturday morning cartoons.

"As a kid I watched that and I thought 'that's cool,' and that's before real life gets in the way," he said. "I guess I still follow in those ideas, from being a kid trying to look on the bright side of things." - Fans fight to save Star Trek: Enterprise
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