Saturday, July 23, 2005

Garagre Sale 101

Whether you are moving or just want to de-clutter, having a garage sale is a great way to get rid of stuff you are not using and make some extra money! Here's where to start:

Advertise Your Sale

Advertise your sale in the local newspaper and at local grocery stores.

Mention the date, time, place and any key items for sale, including what you're selling (i.e., gas grill, bike, kitchen table and chairs, etc.).

Make Signs

Place signs in your front yard (make them visible from the street), at street corners and at busy town intersections. Mark the sign with arrows pointing in direction of sale.

Purchase garage sale signs or make your own out of poster board (attach it to a wooden stake). Use stencil letters, stickers or print in permanent marker. Make letters large enough to be visible from the street.

TIP: Hang helium balloons from the sign to attract more attention. And don't forget: Take signs down after the sale!

Display Your Items

Gather all your items you will be selling and set them up at least the day before the sale. It's always smart to be prepared for early birds who want first crack at your treasures. Another thing to remember, treat your sale like a store and make it easy for shoppers to sort through items.

Group items together (same as departments in a store)

Set up tables or sawhorses with a plywood top to display items.

Hang clothes, if possible, on racks or on a rope between two trees. Save dry cleaner hangers to display clothes. Mark sizes.

Attach price label. Use plain or colored labels, hang tags or pre-priced stickers (save you time) to mark your items. Use different colored labels if you are having a multi-family sale (helps keep track of the sales).

Have instructions and owner's manuals taped to items. Also, plug in electronics and have batteries in battery operated items so people know they work.

Package small items that are alike (i.e., a bag of craft supplies; a bag of hair accessories). Then give the package a single price (i.e., each bag, $1).

Put large ticket items, such as furniture, near the street to peak the interest of passersby.

Take photos of large items and display on poster board (i.e. a bed or a mattress). This helps you from having to bring certain large items to the garage or the driveway. Of course you can physically show items to interested parties, but make sure to have a helper to oversee the sale when this is necessary.

Get Your Check-Out Station Ready

Have a cash box or fanny pack to keep money in one safe place. Also make sure to have small bills and lots of change on hand.

Be ready to negotiate! Shoppers are always looking for a better deal.

Have help on day of the sale.

Finally, donate leftover items to charity!

Have fun! Garage sales are a great way to meet neighbors and better yet, it's a great way to get rid of the junk. And, as if you didn't know, your junk will inevitable end up as someone else's treasure!
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