Sunday, September 25, 2005

Hurricane Rita

Update: Sunday 10:45 am

No power for 24 hours now.

I'm using dialup and a laptop. It is getting very warm. Almost no breeze and no clouds. We so needed the rain and didn't get squat.

It is supposed to be 94 degrees today.

I did get two bags of ice this morning and put them in the fridge/freezer.

This sucks. I hate sitting in my house sweating.

Wish us luck that they restore the power soon. I'll get back online and update as soon as we get power. Or tomorrow morning when I go back to work.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hurricane Rita

Update: Saturday morning 9:10 am

I went to bed fairly early, around 1:00 am.

We lost power around 6 am this morning for about an hour.

Took the dog for a walk abit ago. We lost one limb that caused no damage. We lost alot of leaves. Looks like we got about a 1/2" of rain. It is still windy, about 30 mph sustained and gusting to 45 mph.

Looks like Houston, at least NW Houston, dodged a bullet.

Thanks to all who were concerned.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Hurricane Rita

Update: Friday night 10:50 pm

Well, not much to report.

Winds are about the same, maybe even less. It has kind of sprinkled for the past several hours, not enough to even get the street wet. And we desperately need rain.

I think the worst is still yet to come.

At this point, I feel very sorry for the folks who evacuated. They did what they thought was right and mandatory if they lived near the coast. But those that live in Houston, it seems, again at this point, that it was a waste of time and expense and caused alot of panic. My thoughts now are for the folks that live in Beaumont and Lake Charles, etc.

National Weather Service Radar Image - Short Range Base Reflectivity - Houston/Galveston, TX

Houston radar

Hurricane Rita

Update: Friday 5:35 PM

Still no rain, very cloudy. Wind has picked up alot. 24 mph steady, 33 mph gusts.

Was just talking to a neighbor outside and a huge limb at another neighbor's house cracked off, it missed their house. Amazing considering I know the wind is just beginning. Still hot too, 86 degrees with a feels like of 90.

On the work front, my work gave us Thursday and Friday off and most folks left early on Wednesday. It hasn't been a very pleasurable two days paid off though, doing alot of prep on the house, packing to possibly leave and watching the news. The local channels have covered this solid since Tuesday.

Hurricane Rita

Update: Friday afternoon 3:15 pm

Still in Houston.

It is hot, 93 degrees, feels like 96. Winds are constant at 11 mph, gusting to 22 mph. The clouds are moving in.

I have finished covering the French doors with plywood. The in-laws have finished boarding up too. Time for a shower.

I can see me staying up all night, hopefully we won't lose electricity or cable. That's very wishful thinking though.

Hurricane Rita

Update: Friday morning 9:45 am

My family and I are still in Houston.

The in-laws tried to get out yesterday afternoon but only got 2.8 miles in several hours. The traffic getting out of Houston was horrible yesterday, I don't think it is as bad today.

There is also a gasoline shortage that is keeping many people here or stranding them on the side of the road because of the horrible traffic nightmare.

This morning it is sunshining and warm and breezy. I'm outside cutting some plywood to put on 3 French doors that we have on the rear of the house.

Right now it is expected to hit at 4 am tomorrow. About 18 hours from now. We're hoping that Rita hits to the east of us so that we won't be on the 'dirty' side.

I'll make updates as long as I have electricity.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Musings from the Void
Another blog

Oh, and I *think* he did this - Very nicely done!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Washington County Fair - Brenham, Texas

Welcome to Washington County Fair,
the first county fair in Texas!

Easy access to gadgets may not help students

SAN FRANCISCO - Alex Lam-Niemeyer could not care less that Google can churn up millions of Web pages when he's researching homework assignments. Typically, he researches his reports by scouring library stacks, just as students have done for generations.

"There's too much stuff on the Internet," said the 12-year-old middle-schooler in Berkeley, Calif. "I did this one search and it came back with 2 million pages. It takes too long to find what you're looking for."

Against a backdrop of talking dictionaries, computerized pens and cell phones that issue pop quizzes, parents are being promised that the latest whiz-bang gadgetry can boost grade-point averages and keep children from falling behind their peers.

But Alex's perspective, shared by many educational technology analysts, is that many of these tools won't give the haves an advantage over classroom have-nots.

"The biggest problem that students have is that technology often ends up being a distraction," says Robin Raskin, the founder and former editor of FamilyPC magazine. "In an information society, the smart person will be the one who can shut out all the distractions."

Raskin cites an example of a student who searches the Web for information on the French Revolution — and comes up with french toast, French music or french kissing.

"A child can spend half the night searching for an answer to one question," Raskin said.

The Internet age has ushered in some valuable digital learning tools, some educational experts say. But parents must be choosy to find truly useful software programs, handheld devices or educational Web sites.

Parents should consider whether a product really addresses a child's weaknesses and strengths, and be sure the software is compatible with their computer, says Warren Buckleitner, editor of Children's Technology Review.

They should also take advantage of older software packages, which can be found at Web sites such as, and, and cost far less than current off-the-shelf products, he said.

For students wrestling with algebra, geometry or calculus, Stanford University education professor Roy Pea recommends Geometer's Sketchpad, produced by Emeryville, Calif.-based Key Curriculum Press. Introduced 15 years ago, the $39.95 Sketchpad allows students to construct objects on a computer screen and then explore their mathematical properties by dragging points on the object with a mouse.

Some companies are creating software that can make the devices more than tools for entertainment and cheating.

San Diego-based Vocel loads study material and sample questions for the Scholastic Aptitude Test on cell phones so students can study as they wait for the bus or head to school. For $3.99 a month or a flat fee of $9.99, the phones ring with pop quizzes and timed tests. Parents can track their child's progress at a secure Web page.

It's a tough season for the educational software sector.

Sales last year plummeted to less than half of the $500 million the industry gathered in 2000. And back-to-school spending on laptops, handheld devices and other electronics is expected to fall to $2.06 billion, down 33 percent from last year, according to the National Retail Federation.

One reason is that the Internet has made many products obsolete. Why download software or pop a CD into the computer when there are dozens of free educational sites?

Among the sites Raskin recommends for students wishing to bone up on science, math or spelling are, and Some other sites include, and - Easy access to gadgets may not help students
Internet Archive: Live Music Archive -
a Kim Komando Site of the Day
Internet Archive: Live Music Archive

Monday, September 12, 2005

from Kim Komando's Cool Site of the Day -

Cold, hard facts

Maybe you need to find demographic information for a business proposal. Or maybe your child needs statistics to beef up a school project.

You could spend days searching for accurate financial and demographic data. Or you can just visit FreeLunch.

FreeLunch has a wide variety of information available for download. Use the search tool to find specific information. Or, if you're simply curious, browse by category. Home Page
Dispatch From New Orleans - What the rescue workers find.
Dispatch From New Orleans

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Lone Star MVPA - ('05 Hurricane Katrina Experience)

Interesting story.

I did Google it to verify its validity, nothing came up, might be too new.

If this is true, it is incredible.
Lone Star MVPA - ('05 Hurricane Katrina Experience): "aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Only in the days after this horrific natural disaster, has the magnitude and scope of the disaster come to light. I am proud one of our members stepped up and into harms way to provide what can only be described as basic necessities that have most probably saved hundreds if not more lives. "

Bored Of The Rings The Movie

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Sam Houston Area Council - BSA

Sam Houston Area Council

Song Meanings at Songfacts

Song Meanings at Songfacts


(Taken from another site)

Words from a Data Center that is still operating in downtown,2904,68725,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_3

I have been reading his livejournal for the better part of 3 days. Amazing stuff, and his spirit has not dampened. I salute him and all others trying to make the situation better from the ground.

Here is a direct link:

My advice, start at the beginning and work your way back to the top. Pretty amazing imo. (I agree, start from the beginning)