Sunday, October 16, 2005

Teacher quits after school finds her sex blog

MANSFIELD — A Mansfield elementary school teacher resigned after school officials found she used her class computer to access a personal Web log chronicling sexual exploits and containing disparaging remarks about her students.

Becky Pelfrey, 38, had worked for the Mansfield district for three years and had spent seven years working for Arlington schools.

Her log featured links to sexually-oriented Web sites and comments about her students, including a reference to them as "stinky kids."

School district spokesman Terry Morawski said the district has not sought to file criminal charges and he is not certain that Pelfrey committed a crime.

Officials were alerted to the situation by an anonymous letter dated Sept. 22.

Pelfrey's husband, Bill Pelfrey, claimed the letter was written by his ex-wife and Becky Pelfrey's former best friend, Tanya Hanna. The families are involved in a custody dispute.

Hanna denied the claim.

Hmmm, I looked up her blog. Unless she deleted stuff, I don't see a problem.
Bloggin Bex - Teacher quits after school finds her sex blog

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