Monday, December 19, 2005

Ninja Attack

Four little Ninjas. Waiting. Waiting for just the right moment. The moment when all the elements say, “The time to strike is now.” And then, they spring into action. One by one, they are loaded into the Ninja Attack warrior deployment device. And one by one, they fly through the air into battle.
Silently landing on their target's desk, Eric, Roger, Al, and Takashi will do that special thing Ninjas do. You'll just have to stop by to pick them up when the mission is done. The Ninja Attack launcher is a basic catapult (5 ¾” long), with a cover to hold a Ninja securely in the loaded position. Always have a Ninja ready – you never know when you'll need one. You'll get 4 different, 1 ¼” warriors; your target will get a giant Ninja spanking.

ThinkGeek :: Ninja Attack

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