Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Shatner To Hawk DVDs

Star Trek star William Shatner announced that he will be selling DVDs of obscure SF movies in a new Web-based DVD-of-the-month club, focusing on what he calls "the best sci-fi movies that didn't come to a theater near you."

The Official William Shatner DVD Club promises a new DVD every month for an annual fee of $47.99, starting with a free copy of 2000's werewolf movie Ginger Snaps.

"I've chosen a select group of memorable and entertaining sci-fi movies that never got the exposure they deserved and made them available to fans everywhere at a great price," Shatner said in a statement.

Upcoming titles include 2002's Close Your Eyes (also released as Doctor Sleep), the 2004 French movie Immortal (Immortel ad Vitam) and the 2004 TV movie Dragon Storm, which debuted on SCI FI Channel.
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