Thursday, December 15, 2005

Trek Rumors Denied?

Sy Fy Portal reported that a Paramount Pictures source denied rumors that the studio is developing a Star Trek film that will feature Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, Capt. James T. Kirk and Capt. Jonathan Archer together.

"You're going to see this a lot right now," the unnamed source told the site. "Without anything announced, you're going to see speculation everywhere. But unless you hear it from someone actually involved, don't believe it, because it likely isn't true."

The Web site reported the rumor that William Shatner is one of the former Star Trek captains who would appear in a proposed new Trek movie set in the "mirror" universe. Citing an anonymous source, the site reported that a script is floating around for a proposed new movie.

"Paramount has only asked for one script, and yes, they are deciding whether or not that's the direction they want to go," the source said. "Erik [Jendresen's] script met with mixed reaction, but it has nothing to do with the quality. It has more to do with disagreements among those who are in decision-making capacities as far as it [Star Trek] is concerned. There are no other ideas on the table at this time."
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