Wednesday, December 14, 2005

WTF? Cops: Strip Club Patrons Left Baby In Car

Indiana mom, friend caroused while newborn sat unattended in Olds

DECEMBER 13--Meet Tiffany Eagle and Ashley Tomaszewski. The two Indiana women went to Kokomo's Big Daddy's strip club early Sunday morning and proceeded to drink until they were plastered. While that's not a crime, the fact that the gals had left the 22-year-old Eagle's newborn son in an unheated car outside the topless joint is where the alleged felonious behavior comes in. According to a Kokomo Police Department report, the three-month-old baby (who was wearing a sleeper) was lying face down in the back seat of Tomaszewski's 1996 Oldsmobile. Cops reported the temperature outside at about 32 degrees at 3 AM, when they were called to the scene after a bar patron spotted the unattended baby, who was later examined at a local hospital and appeared unharmed. When interviewed by cops, Eagle (pictured below at left) claimed that she had left her son with a sitter, and that Tomaszewski, 21, had transported the child to the club. For her part, Tomaszewski, who blew a .28 on a Breathalyzer test, accepted no responsibility for the infant. "The baby was not hers and not her problem," was how cops synopsized the position of Tomaszewski, who is pictured above at right in her Howard County Sheriff's Department booking photo.
Cops: Strip Club Patrons Left Baby In Car - December 13, 2005

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