Friday, January 20, 2006


Rent DVD Games online - Gameznflix: "RENT all the movies and games you want for as little as $8.99 a month

You receive movies and games in the mail, enjoy them, send them back (we pay the shipping), and we send you more!"

1. Sign up and choose your movies/games

Gameznflix subscribers can rent a combination of both DVDs and Games for playstation2, XBOX, Game Cube etc. With our basic plan, subscribers can have a combination of up to three movies or games in their possession at any time.

2. Receive DVDs and Games by mail

FREE postage – Both Ways! Both the DVDs and Games are delivered directly to the subscriber’s address by mail with a return postage paid envelope. The normal shipping time is 3 to 5 business days. Some titles are specially ordered for members if we do not have them in stock. This may cause a delay in the member receiving the title.

3. No Late Fees ... Ever!

Keep your DVDs and Games as long as you like. You'll never pay a late fee and you'll never have to worry about dropping a rental off at the store on time. That's so 1999!

4. Return them and we’ll send you more

Returns are as simple as mailing a letter. Just drop them off in your nearest mailbox. No more late fees, EVER! You can rent as many movies/games as you would like starting at only $8.99 per month.


rguyah said...

I've been with since 11/2005, and am very pleased. Deliveries have gotten faster. I get dvd/games 1 day after they list it as shipped. Maybe because I'm withing a few hours of Scranton. I'm in Pittsburgh. I have had no problems with them to this point. I really do like renting games now... being that I have a bunch at home that I don't play anymore.

Marc said...

Thank you for the review!!! I have yet to sign up with them. I am more likely to now though after what you just wrote.

rguyah said...

I think it's at least worth a try for the free period. They've been getting a lot more reviews on other blogs and sites. I'll give you a tip to get a membership for $7.99 for 1 out at a time... use invrel-1 for the promo code.