Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I have a what?

That two-headed snake reminds me of myself.

I remember being at the dentist as a teenager. The girl was cleaning my teeth or something and said to me, "You have a bifurcated uvula.".

Uhhhh what?! I look down at my pants real quick to make sure they are zipped up! I'm 13 or so, I've never heard of a uvula, sounds like a genital part to me.

Me, "What's a uvula?"

Her, "You know that little thing that hangs down in the back of your throat? Yours splits into two of them."

Me, "Doesn't everyone's?"

Her, "Nope. Most just have one." She proceeds to open her mouth and shows me hers. Hers was little and cute and just had one part.

I've never known anyone else to this day to have one. Although it rarely comes up in conversation. There are many instances of it on the internet. For years, I wondered just how rare mine was.

So, mine is twice as long as most everyone else's and splits into two uvulas. I have a very long tongue too and I can easily play with my uvula. Guess I won't go blind playing with that? :-)

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