Friday, January 06, 2006

The Lego-bots are coming

Lego unveiled the newest version of its Mindstorms product at the Consumer Electronics Show this week: a programmable robotics kit that allows consumers to build fully functional robots out of the classic plastic toy.

The company introduced the first version of Mindstorms in 1998 and has since garnered a passionate fan base. News of the update began to spread among aficionados earlier this week, after Wired ran an article talking about the design process behind the new robots.

According to the article, Lego worked with fans to create the new version, paying beta testers in Lego kits and getting their input on design an programming.

"Relying on the (Mindstorms User Panel) is a gamble that Lego hopes will lead not only to a better product but also to a tighter, more trusting bond between corporation and customer," the magazine wrote.
The Lego-bots are coming CNET

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