Sunday, May 21, 2006

Where have I been?

Oh I'm around and super busy, work and at home.

And my favorite little blogging buddy hasn't worked in weeks (the Blogger button on the Google toolbar). Has anyone else experienced this?

I have many things to blog across several of my blogs, they are all in e-mails that I have sent to myself. Will I ever get around to posting them? Don't hold your breath.

Above ground Pools

Dealing With An Inflatable Pool Air Leak?

I have one of those pools with an inflatable top ring. Seems to have a leak and I am slowly losing air. Any suggestions about locating the leak and fixing it? I appreciate your time and effort.
Aimee, New Jersey 5/22/2005

Look for signs of bubbling, where the ring is covered with water. That will indicate the location. If you don't see bubbling, the leak is above the water llevel. Get some swimming pool algaecide that contains dimethyl ammonium chloride. Make a solution of one part algaecide and 3 parts water and stir it up with a 1-2" brush so that it lathers a bit. They use a technique like this to find a leak in a tire. You don't want to use soap, because you don't want it to end up in the pool water. Brush it on the seams and other areas, until you find the leak. Once found, clean the area with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry off. With this type of thin walled pool, you cannot use a traditional vinyl adhesive and patch, as this can damage the vinyl. Boxer Adhesives offers a complete line of vinyl repair products, including an adhesive patch that is intended to be used with pools just like yours. Visit them at for more information. If necessary, it can even be used under water!!! I hope that this information will prove helpful.
Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 5/22/2005

Three Hour Tour...

"I'm more like George Costanza than just the picture. I have a lot of rules roaming around in my noggin. Sometimes they leak out and are shared with those around me, much to my chagrin. Just don't eat watermelon with salt and we'll all be okay!"
Gilligan's Brain in The Skipper's Body...