Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pure Digital Camcorder

This camcorder is on sale at Target this week.

We haven't had a working camcorder for years and I have been wanting to get one to take videos of the boys but just haven't had the funds to get one. I was on the Target website earlier in the week before Christmas to order some gifts for my wife and saw this camcorder on the home page as a featured product. I started doing research on it and reading reviews and found almost all of them very positive.

So, I went to Target and bought the 512 MB (30 minutes) one. I liked it so much that later that day I went to the Best Buy website and ordered the 1 GB (60 minutes) one.

It is nice and small. It feels like quality. The view screen looks great. I have a cheap 4 MP Concord digital camera and you cannot see the image in bright sunlight or in low light. This is completely the opposite. You can easily see everything regardless of the lighting conditions.

The sound is very good except for really high pitched voices which come out a little tinny. The controls are so easy to use and very intuitive. My wife has never picked up any of my digital cameras. She was using this the second day that we had it and has picked it up several times since.

The software is included inside the camcorder. Flip out the USB arm and put it into your computer. The software allows you to easily save your movies, e-mail your movies or publish them up to Google video. Saved directly as .avi files, they look great. Converted for use for e-mail, it uses a service called Grouper, and they do get abit pixelated there. Uploaded to Google video and they look like every other video on Google that uses streaming. I highly suggest downloading a video off of Google before viewing for maximum quality.

It already comes with Duracell AA batteries. It also can easily be hooked up to any TV with RCA connections.

Since December 23rd, my family and I have already taken 1.5 GB of video. These are memories we wouldn't have had had this great inexpensive camcorder not been invented.

I'm embedding two videos. The first is the promotional video from Pure Digital. The second is from Google video where a family is trying out the camcorder and this video is what sold me on getting it. Again, I highly recommend that you go ahead and download these videos. Also, if you check out the reviews on the Pure Digital site, you'll find many more positive reviews from very reputable companies like USA Today, PC World, Wall Street Journal, etc. Or just Google 'pure digital point and shoot reviews' for more to read on it.

Go buy one of these, you won't be disappointed!


Pete said...

That is awesome. I'm getting one.. Thanks dude..

Pete said...

I see you switched to the new blogger. I've been wanting to switch but they don't let me yet because they say my blog is too big. Guess I have to wait.

One Wink at a Time said...

Marc, the WEIRDEST thing just happened. Bear with me, this might be long... I'm sitting here importing music into iTunes as I'm blog reading. When the songs are done uploading or whatever it is they do, iTunes starts playing the songs. As I clicked on this video, as soon as it started, Better Than Ezra's Rosalia starts to play. I am thinking that the song is part of the video. First I think, what an appropriate song, as the lyrics are "Put on your mask..." just as the girls are putting on the pig masks. Then I think, omg, what a coincidence, I'm uploading the cd at the same time I'm hearing it on the video. The song stops at the end of the video, so then I'm sure that the song I'm hearing is on the video. I minimize your window and damn, it is playing in my iTunes, so it wasn't in the background on the video at all. Was way trippy. Just wanted to share that with you...
Awesome camcorder by the way.