Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The search for an American Idol superstar begins -- again

Week 1A: Auditions
Jan. 16, 2007

The drama. The arguments. The tears. The predictions. And, oh yeah, the talent.

American Idol is back for a sixth round.

The stakes are higher than ever this season. Not only have former Idols (Kelly, Daughtry) gone on to big musical breakthroughs, there has been wild success in other mediums as well.

And before we get to this season, a few reasons we still love/hate Idol:

• Jennifer Hudson's smashing Dreamgirls performance is more proof that America can sometimes gets it really, really wrong.

• Paula Abdul's outrageous actions, er technical difficulties, are still awe-inducing.

• Taylor Hicks continues his reign as the most underwhelming Idol winner to date. If you saw him today on The Ellen DeGeneres show -- struggling to find a groove -- you have to agree. It was a painful, predictable song.

• Chris Daughtry Feb. 21 at the Meridian! Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Saturday.

7 p.m. central. Idol time!

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