Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Stripper allegedly takes money and more

It started as a carefree night at Treasures and ended as a very expensive night for one man. He paid $700, but is out almost $8000.

Bellaire police say it started inside Treasures Nightclub with a table dance and a proposition. They say the girl in captured on surveillance video, who went by Lynette, offered oral sex for a price, but the guy wanted full-blown sex at his home.

The man told police he paid the dancer $700 for the sex, but the night wasn't over. She wanted breakfast and a lot more.

"When he got home, he found his home had been burglarized. They stole his 42-inch plasma television and two laptop computers," said Detective John Bohannon of the Bellaire Police Department.

Police say while eating breakfast in the gray t-shirt he let her borrow, she helped to carry out the rip-off -- one Detective Bohannon believes was orchestrated from the start.

"They're not just picking you because of who you are or how you look. There are ulterior motives," said Det. Bohannon.

He believes just before they headed to Mama's Cafe where they were captured on surveillance video, she called some friends, left a window open at the victim's house and the rest is history, at least for him.

"There are probably other people down the road she'll victimize," said Det. Bohannon.

Police believe there could be other victims, but they may be reluctant to come forward.

If you know who the girl pictured in the video is, police want to talk with you. You can contact the Bellaire Police Department or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

We contacted Treasures where the stripper supposedly worked that night, but the club did not return our phone calls.

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Pete said...

Holy shit! That's what he gets for being a wanker...