Wednesday, April 25, 2007

FlexiSkin™ - Nintendo Game Boy Micro

Enhanced with new SmoothTexture™! SmoothTexture™ makes the FlexiSkin™ feel softer to the touch and reduces surface dust.

BoxWave's FlexiSkin™ is a new soft case for your Nintendo Game Boy Micro that lets you play games while it's protected! It comes in your choice of five colors: Aluminum Grey, Coral Pink, Frosted Clear, Future Blue, and Smoke Grey. This lets you customize the color of your Game Boy Micro!

FlexiSkin is durable, soft to the touch, and because it can stretch and flex, it helps cushion your Nintendo Game Boy Micro from bumps and hard knocks. Usable and protective, FlexiSkin™ the new protective case for your Nintendo Game Boy Micro!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Aurora Prehistoric Scenes

When I was a boy, I had these toys. Wish I still had them to give to my boys.

They are going for a pretty penny on eBay now. Seems all the toys I had as a kid are.

Aurora Prehistoric Scenes

The Résumé Secret Employers Love and Job Seekers Rarely Use

A human resources manager, working at a prominent Northwest company, asked for my help in writing her résumé. She told me: "I see résumés all the time. Thousands have passed through my hands, but when it comes to writing my own I have a difficult time doing it. A résumé is nothing more than a slick advertisement. But an important one, especially in today's job market."

She makes it clear that your résumé is all an employer has when they start the screening process. And employers report that most résumés get only a 15-20 second glance. If you don't capture their attention quickly, they pass you by and call in someone else for the interview.

There is a good technique that you can use, though, that employers really like to see on a résumé. When I did our national survey of 600 hiring managers, the overwhelming majority said the most important part of your résumé is your "Summary of Qualifications" section. Adding this triples your impact, and employers reported that this was one of the very first areas they read. And if the briefly stated summary demonstrates solid ability to fill the advertised job, it catches their attention and they slow down and give the applicant more careful consideration.

Hiring managers also reported only about 5 percent of résumés contained this key section, and I never write a résumé without it. Think of it as mini-outline of you: a highly influential summation of the specifics you bring to the job. This section usually consists of four to six sentences that present an overview of your experience, accomplishments, talents, work habits and skills. Here is a good example from one of my client's résumés:

Summary of Qualifications
Twelve years' management experience in human resources dealing with fast-paced, rapidly expanding companies. Expertise includes employment law, recruiting, employee and labor relations and compensation. Analytical decision maker with excellent problem-solving skills. Recognized for ability to develop employees' professional growth and increase their productivity.

It's easy to see by reading this brief summary how this candidate is qualified to do a human resources job. Indeed, she got several interviews and went on to work at Seattle's most famous coffee company.

One caution – employers complain that many people lie on their résumé. Exaggeration! Misrepresentation! Lying is a deadly error. Don't do it! Employers ask more questions and do more background checks now than ever before so when you get caught, and sooner or later you will get exposed, you'll likely be fired. Solid facts and verifiable experience should highlight your actions and accomplishments.

The summary of qualifications, which speaks volumes on consolidating the best you have to bring to the job, really stands out and pulls the employer in for a closer look. Be sure that your résumé has this essential section. It comes right after your name, address and career objectives.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


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Monday, April 09, 2007

Edwards scared of 'rabid Republican' neighbor

I couldn't make this crap up if I tried. This story is unbelievable. - Marc

Elizabeth Edwards says she is scared of the "rabid, rabid Republican" who owns property across the street from her Orange County home — and she doesn't want her kids going near the gun-toting neighbor. Shame, shame on you!

Edwards, the wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, particularly recalls the time neighbor Monty Johnson brought out a gun while chasing workers investigating a right of way off his property. Which is his right. The Edwards family has yet to meet Johnson in person. You know this is prejudice right?

"I wouldn't be nice to him anyway," Edwards said in an interview. Oh my, the humanity! Where is your tolerance? "I don't want my kids anywhere near some guy who when he doesn't like somebody, the first thing he does is pull a gun out. It scares the business out of me."

But Johnson defended the occasion he brandished a gun, saying those on his land didn't have the proper approval. Yeah!

"I use the gun for protection, and I considered that an appropriate time," Johnson said. "Sometimes you have to take drastic measures."

Edwards views Johnson as a "rabid, rabid Republican" who refuses to clean up his "slummy" property just to spite her family, whose lavish 28,000-square-foot estate is nearby on 102 wooded acres. Slummy? 28,000?! And I thought you Democrats stood for the little man? And a 28,000 foot home is environmentally-friendly how? Effing hypocrits.

Johnson, 55, acknowledges his Republican roots. But he takes offense to the suggestion he has purposefully left his property, including an old garage that he leases for use as a car shop, in dilapidated condition.

Johnson said he has lived his entire life on the property, which he said his family purchased before the Great Depression. He said he's spent a lot of money to try and fix up the 42-acre tract.

"I have to budget. I have to leave within my means," Johnson said. "I don't have millions of dollars to fix the place." Exactly Monty.

Johnson, who has posted a "Go Rudy Giuliani 2008" sign on a fence just 100 feet from the entrance to the Edwards' driveway LOL, has criticized Edwards for the scale of their nearby home. The property and home, which includes an indoor basketball court, an indoor handball court and an indoor pool, is valued at $5.3 million.

The Edwardses are still putting the final touches on the property, which they purchased in 2003.

"I thought he was supposed to be for the poor people," Johnson said. "But does he ever socialize with any poor people? He doesn't speak to me." You have a great point there Mr. Johnson!

Johnson said he has put his property on the market, in part blaming the high property taxes for his decision to leave. He also wants to move for another reason.

"I don't want to live somewhere where someone's always complaining about me," he said.


Some comments from conservative bloggers -

• "The Edwards family: They’re all about the little guy, even when they’re complaining about him in the press," writes Bryan Preston at Hot Air.

• "Since when do presidential candidate's wives get to use their platform to beat up on the little guy?" asks Dan Riehl at Riehl World View.

• "What makes the guy rabid?" asks Brennan Monaco at American Pundit. "The fact he owns a gun? Would that then make the framers of the US Constitution promoters of 'rabid' behavior?"

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Forecaster blasts Gore on global warming

I love it! - Marc

NEW ORLEANS - A top hurricane forecaster called
Al Gore "a gross alarmist" Friday for making an Oscar-winning documentary about global warming.

"He's one of these guys that preaches the end of the world type of things. I think he's doing a great disservice and he doesn't know what he's talking about," Dr. William Gray said in an interview with The Associated Press at the National Hurricane Conference in New Orleans, where he delivered the closing speech.

A spokeswoman said Gore was on a flight from Washington, D.C., to Nashville Friday; he did not immediately respond to Gray's comments.

Gray, an emeritus professor at the atmospheric science department at Colorado State University, has long railed against the theory that heat-trapping gases generated by human activity are causing the world to warm.

Over the past 24 years, Gray, 77, has become known as America's most reliable hurricane forecaster; recently, his mentee, Philip Klotzbach, has begun doing the bulk of the forecasting work.

Gray's statements came the same day the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change approved a report that concludes the world will face dire consequences to food and water supplies, along with increased flooding and other dramatic weather events, unless nations adapt to climate change.

Rather than global warming, Gray believes a recent uptick in strong hurricanes is part of a multi-decade trend of alternating busy and slow periods related to ocean circulation patterns. Contrary to mainstream thinking, Gray believes ocean temperatures are going to drop in the next five to 10 years.

Mysterious disappearance of US bees creating a buzz

WASHINGTON (AFP) - US beekeepers have been stung in recent months by the mysterious disappearance of millions of bees threatening honey supplies as well as crops which depend on the insects for pollination.

Yes, I'm still around...

But nobody ever visits here anyway so you didn't miss me if you never visit. :-)