Friday, September 14, 2007

Updated Trek Debuts 'Galileo'

The digitally remastered version of the original Star Trek series returns in syndication for the 2007-08 season the weekend of Sept. 15 with the premiere of an enhanced version of "The Galileo Seven." The episode, which first aired in 1967, features Spock in command of the tiny shuttlecraft Galileo, the first appearance of the small craft that would become a staple of the franchise.

The episode will feature new computer visual effects of the Galileo in flight, as well as the space storm Murasaki 312.

The remastered episode also features a digital transfer of the original Star Trek film elements and newly recorded remasterings of the show's main title theme, CG renderings of spaceships and other visual effects created by CBS Digital.

A list of U.S. stations carrying the digitally remastered Star Trek can be found here.

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