Wednesday, November 07, 2007

RoboMan Webcam

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A little silver robot stands at attention on our desk. We've named him RoboMan. It's not very original, but it fits. He likes to hang around and talk to us about his desires and aspirations. How he has always wanted to run away and join the RoboCircus and fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a professional age/weight guesser. We think he's full of bunk but he is cute, so we keep him around.

Ok, so we lied a little. We really keep RoboMan around because he is the most enjoyable webcam we've found in a while (he doesn't really talk to us). He's incredibly posable, so we can have him sitting, standing, balancing on one foot, or almost anything else we can imagine. He does have an integrated microphone and two bright LED eyes - so he can see and hear us in the gloom of our dark office. This is probably the first webcam we've ever found that's as fun to play with as it is useful. Fun and functional rolled into one. RoboMan . . . we salute you.

RoboMan Webcam

  • 350k pixels
  • 30 frames per second
  • Drivers disc included
  • 6" tall (standing)
  • 11 points of articulation
  • approx. 52" USB/Microphone In cord
  • USB 1.1

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thecolor said...

Do you happen to have the software that came on the CD (perhaps providable via download)? I bought this approx a month ago, and unfortunately have misplaced the CD. In addition to that, it will not install without the software/drivers. :(

thinkgeek no longer has it on their site as a product. I've emailed them, but have not received word yet.

Thanks in advance.