Wednesday, December 19, 2007

To the Wii scalpers: I understand. Now stop it. - $250

Posted on Houston Craigslist tonight ( no, it isn't my post)

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Date: 2007-12-19, 10:58PM CST

My husband and I are decent, hardworking people. We go to work. We pay our bills and taxes. We vote. We take care of our child. We save for retirement, emergencies, college. We also manage to put aside a little extra each month so that at Christmas we can finally treat ourselves to something like, oh say, a Nintendo Wii. And we also put in the effort of finding a very obliging babysitter and standing in line at two different stores at some God-awful hour on Black Friday, to no avail. And the quest continues. So please believe me when I say that we REALLY want a Wii. Also believe me when I say that I applaud you on actually managing to procure one. I get it that we could all use some extra money around this time of year, or any time of year for that matter, but seriously, you’re pissing me off. If you don’t want a Wii, don’t take them away from the rest of us just so that you can scalp them to the people in line behind you. Yes, it’s easy money. But STOP IT. Seriously, it’s for your own sake. I’m a nice person, but I really wouldn’t discount the possibility that at least somewhere out there, there is one person desperate enough, crazy enough, and poor enough to respond to your ad, bash your brains in, and then make off with this game. Is it worth the risk? We’ve saved up our $250. Step out of the line and just let us buy our own damn system. For your safety. For our sanity. And I know that this isn’t going to change your mind about anything, so let me close by re-directing my attention. To all you people out there who are actually rich and able to afford $450 - 900 on this thing, more power to you. To the vast majority who AREN’T able to afford it but just haaaaaaave to have it noooooow, either for yourself or your snot-nosed little brat, you deserve to be taken advantage of. It’s called delayed gratification, you fiscal idiots. You do realize that if you just keep your panties on for a few months, there WILL come a time when you can just walk into a store and buy it for (gasp) $250, right? In the meantime, get a hobby – like posting rants on craigslist.

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