Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SNES9X 1.43 WiiMote Edition 0.1.1a - Snes Emulator for Nintendo Wii

RobertFC has released an unnoficial version of the Snes Emulator for the Wii With Wiimote Support
Version 0.1.1a [20080419]
+[Robert] (www.friendcodes.com)
- Added wiimote support. Classic controller, multiple controllers, and remapping will come later.
Download and Give Feedback and Compatability Reports Via Comments

For users of Engadget theres been a ton of releases today for the Wii Homebrew Scene

Heres whats been released along with the posted item;

New Snes emu with Classic Controller Support
New Genesis /Sega CD Emu for Wii
New Master System /Game Gear Emu for Wii
New PC Engine Emu for Wii
Rin Gameboy Channel for Wii
Emuloader for Wii
Wii Paint

All at Wii News (DCEmu Wii Site) - http://wii-news.dcemu.co.uk/

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