Sunday, November 23, 2008

How to Retone a Photograph with GIMP

Have you ever looked at old, very subtly sepia-toned black and white photographs and wondered how you can get the same effect with your own photographs? It is easy and fun to copy black and white tones from one photograph to another with GIMP, the renowned free and open source image editor. Here's how.

How to Make a Portrait Style Photo in GIMP

If you have a photo that isn't very interesting, then you can easily make it into a soft-focused, dreamy-looking portrait-style photo. Here's how to do it in The GIMP.

How to Make a Simple Animation in GIMP or Photoshop

Have you ever wanted to make a little animation without learning Flash or even getting it? Well, now you can!

All you need is a program that can control the layers. "The Gimp" is recommended because it's free and easy!

How to Animate Clay

Clay animation is an obscure yet amazing art form. In the following ten steps, you will learn how to turn a ball of clay into a figure of your choice. Then you will animate the figure and create a short clay animation video of your own. This form of animation is most often called "Stop-motion animation" because that is what it is. You are animating something that can't move.