Monday, November 28, 2005

What I want for Christmas continued

Hmmm, looks like they upped the price on the guitar below on the website to $129.99. Argh. OK, so the one on the web site does have a much better amp.

Update: 12-02-05 11:30 pm - It is back down to $99.99 on the site.

Here's the one from this week's ad -
Lyon by Washburn electric guitar
Sale $97
Our best price ever!
Includes 5-watt guitar amp (and I think it is only a 4-watt according to the box at the store), learn-to-play DVD, padded gig bag, digital tuner and replacement set of strings.
Target Weekly Ad

Do I really need this? No.
It is a luxury that I don't need.
We need many other things.
Or I'd rather have more things for the kids.
It's just a silly dream that can wait 'til I win the lottery.

But I want it in a baaaaad way. :-)

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