Saturday, January 06, 2007

Well said Neal Boortz


Now that the 110th Congress has taken its seat, it's interesting to compare the media coverage between 12 years ago and today. All day yesterday we were told that it was a "historic day" and that Democrats "took charge." But according to the media, back in 1995, Republicans stole it all. Remember, Democrats win elections....Republicans steal them. See the 2000 presidential election for that template.

But to be sure, it was somewhat of a historic day. Nancy Pelosi is, after all, the first woman speaker of the House. But that's where the history ends. But to the media, watching the Democrats take over both chambers of Congress is the reward from several years of their hard work. From the get-go, the media chose to suppress good news (and there has been some) coming out of Iraq. It didn't fit the template. It would help Bush, hurt Democrats. They kept up a propaganda campaign to convince people that the economy was worse off than it really is. Remember, to the media...5% unemployment is a disaster under George W. Bush. But 6% unemployment under Bill Clinton was an economic boom.

So now the Democrats are in charge, based on a single issue: the war in Iraq. Never mind that quite a few of them supported the invasion....and now claim they don't. Ignore the fact that the official U.S. policy of removing Saddam Hussein from power was developed by the Clinton Administration, not George Bush.

It was interesting to watch the coverage of the new Congress yesterday by a media that did everything in its power to throw out the Republicans. It was like a gloat-fest...see what we did!

The media bias rolls on.

Sorry folks, I'm a little fired up tonight.

Oh, by the way, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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Pete said...

Happy new year dude! I love Neal unfortunately the only station here that was airing him dropped him a couple months ago. At least I can visit his website.