Sunday, January 01, 2006


ComicBase is the world's largest comic book database, and the #1 professional inventory system on CD-ROM/DVD-ROM for keeping track of your comic book collection.

The new ComicBase 10.0 now sports more comics than ever, including cross-indexed descriptions of over 250,000 comics and price histories for the past four years. It also features something that’s never been seen before in the program’s long history: free, downloadable price and title updates.

Unlike other programs, ComicBase can automatically price your comics according to their condition and lets you take note of autographed copies, special covers, multiple printings and of course, your cost, in your inventory. It can also create price labels and a wide variety of reports to help you buy, sell, and evaluate your collection.

ComicBase 10’s new bar code support let you jump straight to a comic by using its assigned ComicBase bar code, or through the EAN/UPC number printed on the cover. The improved, industrial-strength Find feature lets you find comic-book characters' first appearances, second appearances, deaths, origin stories, or trace a certain storyline or find work by favorite writers and artists.
ComicBase: The World's #1 Software for Managing Comic Collections

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